Tridev Aarti Sangrha: (Hindi Edition) por Dharmic Digital Publications

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Tridev Aarti Sangrha: (Hindi Edition)

Titulo del libro : Tridev Aarti Sangrha: (Hindi Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : August 15, 2018
Autor : Dharmic Digital Publications
Número de páginas : 9
Editor :

Dharmic Digital Publications con Tridev Aarti Sangrha: (Hindi Edition)

An Aarti is a devotional song eulogizing a deity. Aartis play an important role in daily ritual of Puja of any deity. Tridev Aarti Sangrha : contains Aartis of Brhama , Vishnu and Mahesh ( Shiva ), the creator , the sustainer and the destroyer of the universe respectively. Aarti of lord shree Ganesh has also been included.

Contents :

1. ( Shree Ganesh Aarti)
2. (Shree Brahma Aarti)
3. (Shree Vishnu Aarti )
4. (Shree Shiva Aarti)

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