Docker's Daughter (English Edition) por Sally Worboyes

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Docker's Daughter (English Edition)

Titulo del libro : Docker's Daughter (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 4, 2017
Autor : Sally Worboyes
Número de páginas : 464
Editor : Hodder & Stoughton

Sally Worboyes con Docker's Daughter (English Edition)

An authentic and moving romantic saga set against the backdrop of the docks, streets, markets and pubs of Whitechapel, from the author of Wild Hops and The Dinner Lady.

Young Kay Armstrong wants to break away from her tough East End background, where her friends are turning to crime. A job in the City seems like the perfect answer - but when she plans a holiday to Spain that involves forging her passport, she takes a step too far...

Meanwhile her dad, Jack, is spearheading the great dock strike. He and his wife Laura worry about their headstrong daughter, especially the new set of friends introducing her to fashionable restaurants and the pleasures of drinking.

And when Zacchi, the handsome gypsy boyfriend of her past reappears, Kay has some hard choices to make...