Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable and What We Can Do about It por Marc Goodman

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Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable and What We Can Do about It

Titulo del libro : Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable and What We Can Do about It
Fecha de lanzamiento :
Autor : Marc Goodman
Número de páginas :
ISBN : 0385539002
Editor :

Marc Goodman con Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable and What We Can Do about It

By Marc Goodman ( Author ) Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable and What We Can Do about It By Feb-2015 Hardcover


Addictive .Introduces readers to this brave new world of technology, where robbers have been replaced by hackers, and victims include nearly anyone on the Web He presents his myriad hard-to-imagine cybercrime examples in the kind of matter-of-fact voice he probably perfected as an investigator. He clearly wants us never to look at our cellphones or Facebook pages in the same way again and in this, Future Crimes succeeds marvelously.
TheWashington Post
Excellent and timely Mr. Goodman is no neo-Luddite. He thinks innovations could ultimately lead to self-healing computer networks that detect hackers and automatically make repairs to shut them out. He rightly urges the private and public sectors to work more closely together, crowdsourcing ideas and know-how The best time to start tackling future crimes is now.
The Economist
"This is a must-read!"
-- Larry King

Future Crimes is a risk compendium for the Information Age . Exhaustively researched . Fascinating . Thrilling to read
San Francisco Chronicle
"InFuture Crimes, Goodmanspills out story after story about how technology has been used for illegal ends...The author ends with a series of recommendations that, while ambitious, appear sensible and constructive...Goodman s most promising idea is the creation of a Manhattan Project for cyber security...Future Crimesisa ride well worth taking if we are to prevent the worst of his predictions from taking shape."
Financial Times

..".a superb new book..."
-- The Boston Globe
"You couldn't ask for a better cyber risk overview than Future Crimes."
-- Harvard Business Review
"Marc Goodman is a go-to guide for all who want a good scaring about the dark side of technology."
New Scientist
"Utterly fascinating stuff...Goodman weds the joy of geeky technology with the tension of true crime. The future of crime prevention starts here."
NPR, San Francisco
"A well-researched whirlwind tour of internet-based crime."
-- Science Magazine

"By the middle of the first chapter you ll be afraid to turn on your e-reader or laptop, and you ll be looking with deep suspicion at your smartphone... Goodman's style is breezy but his approach is relentless, as he leads you from the guts of the Target data breach to the security vulnerabilities in social media...Mr. Goodman argues convincingly that we are addressing exponential growth in risky technologies with thinking that is, at best, incremental.
--Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
OMG, this is a wakeup call. The outlaws are running faster than the architects. Use this book to shake up the companies you buy from, the device makers, telecom carriers, and governments at all levels. Demand that they pay attention to the realities of our new world as outlined within this thorough and deep book. Marc Goodman will startle you with the ingenuity of the bad guys. I'm a technological optimist. Now I am an eyes-wide-open optimist.
Kevin Kelly, co-founder ofWired Magazine and bestsellingauthor of What Technology Wants
"The hacks and heists detailed in Future Crimes are the stuff of thrillers, but unfortunately, the world of cybercrime is all too real. There could be no more sure-footed or knowledgeable companion than Marc Goodman on this guided tour of the underworld of the Internet. Everyone -- and the business world especially -- should heed his advice.
Daniel H. Pink, New York Times bestselling author of Drive and To Sell is Human
"A riveting read."
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, professor of engineering at NYU and New York Times bestselling author ofThe Black Swan

From black ops to rogue bots and everything in between, Future Crimes is a gripping must-read.MarcGoodman takes readers on abrilliant, 'behind-the-screens' journey into the hiddenworld of 21stcentury criminal innovation, filled with one mind-bogglingexample after anotherof what s coming next.Future Crimes raises tough questions about the expanding role oftechnology in our lives and the importance ofmanaging it for the benefit ofall humanity.Even better, Goodmanoffers practical solutions so that we not only survive progress, but thrive toanextent never previously imagined.
PeterH.Diamandis, New York Times bestselling author of Abundance